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One of the most annoying things about visiting a company’s web site is that many lack the most important thing that I want to know:

How much will your product or service cost me?

I don’t care about your image, reputation, or how amazing the WSJ said you were. Why? Because chances are I found your site through a review of it elsewhere—I know what your company is or does. I don’t even care if my first month is free. I don’t have time—I want to know if I can afford your product in the future within my limited student budget. After you tell me that, I’ll start to pay attention to what else sets you apart from your competitors. Some Web 2.0 start-ups are horrible at this: see Wasabe. If I don’t see a price more than one click away, I’m gone.

Check out the guys at 37Signals. They do it right with all of their products, like Basecamp.

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