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Reputation management: RIAA screws college students

I really, really hate the RIAA. I’m a musician and I support the protection of copyright. However, I also support the protection of college students’ rights and a free market economy. When the signs are there that the industry needs to make changes, why fight that? Change is good, and necessary.

Why is Apple’s iTunes so successful? Because it makes it easier to pay for music than download it elsewhere. They don’t sell music—they sell a service. Why do we go to Amazon to buy a book rather than the 100s of other sites? Because they sell a service that is better than anything else on the Internet.

You can’t wage a war with your consumers. College students are broke, yet are the driving force of promoting music and making or breaking artists. They’ll screw you over just the same in the long run.

To top it all off, when students pay the settlement fee, they “look forward to future business.”

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Try this.

If you got one of these letters, get a lawyer, who will simply tell you just to ignore it. The RIAA hasn’t the manpower to pursue every single lawsuit, which is why they are trying to cheat college students into paying a simple fine rather than being sued. It’s a joke. I have a feeling the lawsuits will turn the other direction and people will begin suing the RIAA soon…just watch.

Anyone get one of these letters yet? Let’s hear about it…

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