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Hillary loves new school social campaigning on YouTube


If you haven’t seen the 1984 spoof, well, the you’re just ummm…..slow. But her response in an interview with NY1 was nothing short of the most ethical and intelligent rebuttals I’ve heard in awhile:

I haven’t seen it but I’m pleased that it seems to be taking attention away from what used to be on YouTube and getting a lot of hits, namely me singing ‘The Star Spangled Banner.’ Everybody in the world now knows I can’t carry a tune,” said Clinton. “I thank heavens for small favors and the attention has shifted, and now maybe people won’t have to tune in and hear me screeching about ‘The Star Spangled Banner.’

I think anything that drives interest in these campaigns and get people who otherwise are not at all interested in politics, I think that’s pretty good,” she continued. “I might quibble a little bit about the content, but if we get more people, especially young people, thinking about politics, I’m happy about that.

Hillary, I love you. You take a stance on issues. You don’t avoid anything. You love the ‘mos. All there’s left to do now is talk about your husband’s past and get it out in the open before someone else does, because it’s still in the weaponry of your opponents. But I have faith in you, you’ll find the right time.

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