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Science and God compatibility?

Francis Collins, the guy who heads up the Human Genome Project, was on NPR the other day and made a good case for denouncing atheism in that it is problematic:

Faith is the evidence of things not seen …. [and] scientific evidence that points towards the direction of God’s existence makes more sense than simply denying the possibility.

Such an interesting interview and he’s right on the money with how I view things. Of course, I have to say that I’m sick of organized religion and avoid it at all costs. But you see, people confuse religion with spirituality and I struggle to remain spiritual in an evidence-based scientific world. I do believe there is something more than our mortal lives, although not necessarily from a Christian perspective. On a side note, where did hell (pun intended) did the atheism fad come from anyway? Maybe it’s just because Richard Dawkins‘ publisher has a few good pr people working for him…

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