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Permission relationships [or, why do I get all these campaign emails?]

Seth Godin has a great example of why organizations should work on relationship building a little bit more than just shooting off marketing emails once they gain access to your address:

At the same time, political candidates are viewing even the slightest gesture on your part (an encouraging email, for example) as proof that you want to receive daily fundraising emails for the next two years.

There’s a middle ground, one that is not computer-decided. It’s based on a human being treating another human being the way they’d like to be treated. And it’s easy to see how just about any organization, at just about any scale ought to be able to make thoughtful decisions about setting expectations and then meeting them. (and doing it profitably.)

Yes, John Kerry, I am sick of your emails. I’m a college student and I have $0.00 to spend on any candidate. But I’m still waiting for Hillary to email me asking if I can volunteer my time rather than make a financial contribution—I’d love to. But please stop asking me for money. Those DNC’s emails are getting annoying…

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