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Imus – yeah, I’ve got more to say…thanks to The [Green] Week


Yet another reason why Imus simply deserved it:

It’s a good question, deserving a “blunt” answer, said Eugene Robinson in The Washington Post. Blacks and whites have an ugly, 388-year history in this country, beginning when “the first shackled African slaves arrived at Jamestown.” Given that history, a 67-year-old white disc jockey in a cowboy hat cannot call a young black woman a “nappy-headed ho,” even if black rappers use those same despicable words. Yes, there’s a double standard, and white guys shouldn’t bother whining about it. “Last time I checked, guys, you still ran most of the world.”

If I hear one more person trying to defend Imus, I’ll throw every cultural studies, critical studies, and sociology book at them, until they’re bleeding profusely and unsure why they have over 40k in college debt…..oh wait that’s me…..never mind. And, btw, if you don’t read The Week now, I suggest you start.

I used to subscribe to and read The Economist (kinda like Times or Newsweek but with more real news), but The Week actually has, ummm…..news. The best way to explain how The Week works is as if you had the best (non-biased AND Liberal) articles (or the TRUTH, for lack of a better term) from every news source out there aggregated via RSS (syndication) feed into a print version……and viola!………The Week is born. It’s green this week, but Lexus will realize they wasted their money. Oops! Should have taken me shopping instead…

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