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My neigh(gay)borbood, Hawley-Green on Wikipedia

Hawley Green

I did a search for the Hawley-Green neighborhood I live in on Google, and it turns out there is a Wikipedia listing—complete with a photo of my apartment. Love it!

Tucked away in a triangle one block south of James Street, the major artery of Syracuse’s northeastern neighborhoods, Hawley-Green was at first home to carpenters, wagon makers, silversmiths, painters, and musicians. Its original housing stock consisted of splendid Greek Revival, Gothic Revival, and Italianate-style structures, some of which stll line its charming streets.

Since I moved in over a year ago, things have been getting much nicer. I saw two people with orange “Hawley-Green” shirts and clipboards walking around the neighborhood. The apartment complex across the street is being renovated—it used to be a dump. I love living here and I love my gaybors.

Hawley-Green Historic District [Wikipedia]

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