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The most accountable and transparent newspapers


Over at the University of Maryland, the International Center for Media and the Public Agenda have compiled a list of the most transparent newspapers in the world:

This study investigated 25 of the world’s top news sites to evaluate which of them open up their newsrooms to public scrutiny and comment:

  1. Which outlets post corrections to their stories?
  2. Which ones provide details about their owners and offer information about any other media and non-media holdings of those owners?
  3. Which ones publish their internal guidelines for reporters (such as how potential conflicts of interest by reporters or editors are handled)?
  4. Which ones publish their internal standards for stories (such as how anonymous sources are handled or how politicized language is identified)?
  5. Which ones actively seek readers’ comments and complaints?

The New York Times comes in second, trailing behind the UK’s The Guardian.

Openness & Accountability: A Study of Transparency in Global Media Outlets [ICMPA]

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