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Leopard is “by far the best operating system” – PC Magazine

PC Magazine gave Apple’s 10.5.2 Leopard operating system an Editor’s Choice award and a stunning review. I have to say, I’ve been using a Mac since I was a kid and things just keep getting better and better. Hands down, I think that Leopard is the best so far and my roommate agrees—he became a convert over the weekend and bought a new MacBook. All I’ve been hearing is “oh my God” and “wow, that is so cool” coming from him since he turned it on. And the new screen sharing with iChat….let me just say that I no longer have to run to the other end of the apartment to show him how to do something. Never realized how useful that could be. As PC Mag writes:

Despite minor problems, it’s by far the best operating system ever written for the vast majority of consumers, with dozens of new features that have real practical value—like truly automated backups, document and spreadsheet preview images in folders, and notes and to-do lists integrated into the mail program. 

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