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Spitzer’s resignation…

I just have to say how disappointed I am with Spitzer.

I voted for him, and I watched—and loved—his every move. He brought change to our state and stood tall as a respected beacon for New York State.

Hearing him speak was always moving. He pushed for equality. He pushed for a better world.

But he also pushed to rid the state of corruption. Ooops. And the rest is history…

I’m disappointed with the whole ordeal because of how great he was as Attorney General and then as Governor, but also because his actions rub off on Hillary—let’s be honest.

However, from a reputation management, ethics, accountability, and public relations perspective, his swift apology and resignation—the story broke on Monday and he resigned on Wednesday—shows that although he’s a swarmy cheat and liar, he had enough respect for those around him to just get out of the way. End of story, let’s move on, the people of New York no longer need him tarnishing the image of our state.

Just imagine if he let it drag on for weeks. The media would have continued to have a field day and the image of New York, its people, its politicians, and most importantly, of Hillary, would have been damaged further.

A big rule in public relations ethics is to take responsibility, remain accountable for your actions, and apologize as quickly as possible. As much as I am disappointed with him and feel like I’ve been stabbed in the back as a voter and strong supporter, I respect his stepping-down today.

He screwed up and it wasn’t worth him hanging around making things worse.

Ugh. Politicians…

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