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9 mind tricks to get what you want: Priming theory in action


There’s a subtle tactic to make things go your way in your career, love life, and social world. It’s called priming. Research shows that by exposing people to specific words, body language and symbols, they can be affect. Here’s how to use subliminal moves to get an edge.

They claim it’s based on priming research. Interesting. But who doesn’t want to get what they want? Be sure to click the launch button to play the video.

My favorite:

9. Your slob roomie to clean up after herself more often …

Spray a bit of liquid all-purpose cleaner in the air right before she enters the skanky spot in question. A Dutch study recently proved that the faint smell of a cleaning product will spur people to start picking up the area around them. You can also prime her by squirting a little fluid in the bathroom sink before she goes in to use it.

Check it out:
9 mind tricks to get what you want [TODAY & MSNBC]

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