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Sirius-XM iPhone app finally on its way!

Sirius-XM iPhone app

I’m just a bit over-excited about the recent announcement over at TUAW that the Sirius-XM iPhone app is finally on its way:

Sirius XM has revealed a screen shot of the soon to be released iPhone/iPod touch app that will stream the satellite channels to eager listeners.

Why the excitement?

Because—well—I’ve been waiting for well over a year along with every other Sirius and XM satellite radio subscriber. Yeah, it’s great that I can listen to the Sirius-XM stream at home or work using the Pulsar mac app, but in the car I’m stuck with using either Pandora or Last.fm (both are great for finding new music, but the streams are lower quality than I can deal with at times).

TUAW reports that the app will be free (yippie!), but requires a $3 per month streaming subscription. Not sure if this means my current internet streaming subscription counts, but we shall see in the coming months…

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