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Just Saw Wicked for the Second Time

With my stress level at an all time high even before the semester starts, seeing Wicked for the second time tonight was just what I needed to bring me back down to earth. A gaggle of friends saw the touring show here in Syracuse. My first time seeing the show was in London last year. Both performances were absolutely spectacular.

Grad school can drive you crazy, especially teaching for the first time. Oh, and designing a public relations course in social media. But I’m pumped and ready to go.

I’m confident in my knowledge of the content for the course, just nervous of whether I can step up to the plate and teach my own class of nearly 40 students.

If I can set the stage for the class during our first session on Tuesday, my students and I will totally rock out the rest of the Spring semester.

Definitely more excited than nervous—if that’s even possible!

Learning how to chill out is my mantra for 2010. Holding myself to it.


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