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Tracked Down & Returned MacBook Pro Shipped to Me By Accident

Dunkin Donuts Reward and Letter from Macbook Pro owner

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So there I was sitting at my desk when I receive a call to come pick up quite a large package in the mail room. Back at my desk, I open it up only to find the box of a brand new 17″ MacBook Pro staring right back at me. Unpleasantly confused, my mind went a little bananas trying to figure out why this beautiful machine was in my possession.

Replacing my short-lived moment of excitement was the fact I already owned a shiny 17″ MacBook Pro purchased just a few months ago.

But not to worry—the shipping receipt had the correct name. Fortunately, The Google easily figured out that the package belonged to a local business owner here in Syracuse. His assistant was here within minutes after calling his office to disclose the news—along with a very appreciative note and Dunkin’ Donuts gift card.

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