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Survey: Social marketing use high, LinkedIn favored

A majority of marketers are engaging in social media as a marketing channel, and a large number of those consider the professional networking site LinkedIn as offering the best ROI.

The “BMA Project Case Study,” a survey of Business Marketing Association members by online research company Itracks Online Data Collection, found that 89% of respondents are using social media as part of their marketing mix. LinkedIn was favored as providing the greatest ROI by 49% of respondents, followed by Twitter (20%), Facebook (15%), blogs and videos (11%) and YouTube (6%).

Interesting survey of Business Marketing Association members found LinkedIn to be the most favored social media platform among marketers, with greater return on investment (ROI) than Twitter, Facebook, or blogs/videos.

The study begs the question as to whether these results apply to public relations practitioners.

Cheers to @sharilee for the link.

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