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Article Marketing: Mostly A Scam [Whiteboard Friday | SEOmoz]

I really do love the quality of content produced by SEOmoz, especially for Whiteboard Fridays. Always original, exclusive, and enjoyable to read/watch.

Posts range from highly relevant to exceedingly relevant, with this week’s excursion into the dark side of article (or content) marketing is no exception.

Here, Rand shows off his keen ability to be perfectly in-tune with the current state of content (or article) strategy.

Extremely relevant to anyone in the midst of planning or implementing any type of related content strategies for their organization (e.g., hiring bloggers to write on your niche topic, either for your blog or elsewhere; enabling staff to become your organization’s ‘industry experts’ via tweeting or manning the Facebook page; or simply any other planned strategic activity with content creation a core tactic—and these will always have a certain degree of inherent risk).

Highly recommended.

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